-The Clean Solution

Since 1991, Brush Design has provided the agricultural and food industry with quality custom brushes.  Our industry focus and commitment to customer service has earned us a growing family of loyal customers. Our expertise is not limited to any industry as we are constantly designing new products used in a wide range of applications. Contact us to find out if we can help create a product to suit your needs.

At Brush Design & Mfg, our philosophy is simple – delivery of quality products and great customer service.  We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality brush products in a timely manner to meet the demands of the industries we serve.  Our operations are both CNC controlled and labor intensive to maintain quality control, keep costs down, and deliver a handmade, quality product.

  • Metal Back Strip

  • Single Strand

    Designed for poultry processing, this style of brush is made by inserting a single strand of filament into a designated hole, then gluing it in place. This method prevents particulates or bacteria from accumulating in and around the brush’s core.

  • Staple-Set

    Staple set construction is the most commonly used method for securing filament to a brush core. Staple set brushes are made by inserting multiple strands of filament into a drilled hole and securing them with a metal staple.