Brush Design offers a wide range of materials and configurations to best serve your needs, 

We can design brushes with square bores, keyways and/or set screws for shaft positioning and alignment.  Brush fill can be specified for both color and gauge.

 We specialize in FDA-approved single strand and staple set brushes that we can customize to meet most specifications.  We work with a wide array of core materials and filaments (natural and synthetic). Let us advise you in choosing the best design solution to suit your application.  In other words, tell us what you need and we’ll design a brush that will do the job.


 We currently provide products for:

 Poultry processing

 Bakery processing

Fruit and Vegetable processing

 Conveyor cleaning

Pan cleaning

Janitorial, cleaning, scrubbing

Metal fabrication and finishing

Debris removal

 Guiding and positioning


 Mirror manufacturing

 Glass production and cleaning